Argentina’s Macri Tackles Flawed Government Data as Part of Overhaul

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Un pacto de gobernabilidad hubiera evitado esta derrota y generado más certidumbre al sector privado para volver a invertir. Sergio Berensztein @SBerensztein

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    About us

    Sergio Berensztein

    President and CEO

    About Sergio ¡Meet the team!

    Sergio Berensztein (@sberensztein) is Doctor and Master in Political Science (the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Bachelor of History (UBA). He is the chairman and CEO of Berensztein (, a political and strategic analysis consultancy he founded in 2014 with a regional and comparative perspective using rigorous and innovative research methods, traditional (qualitative and quantitative) investigation and big data.

    Sergio co-authored the books Dueños del éxito (CPCE, 2017), Los beneficios de la libertad (Ateneo, 2016), 125 Años del Banco Nación (Banco Nación, 2016), El poder narco (Sudamericana, 2014), Los 100 años de Deloitte en Argentina 1908-2008 (Deloitte, 2008) and El país que queremos (Temas, 2005). He has published over 30 articles in academic journals and edited volumes on the issues of political reform, state capacity and the political economy of structural reforms in Latin America.

    He is a panelist on “Animales Sueltos” (America TV), co-host of “Emergencia Intelectual” (A24), a columnist for “D18a21” (A24) and co-host of the radio program “Política y pelotas”. Sergio regularly publishes opinion columns in the national newspapers Perfil and La Gaceta, and is frequently consulted by the mainstream media in Argentina and abroad.

    He was editor of from 2012 and 2016 and a consultant for international organizations such as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the IMF, the Andean Development Corporation and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

    Sergio has been a visiting professor at prestigious universities abroad such as Duke, Georgetown, Stanford, Princeton, New Mexico, FLACSO and CIDE (Mexico) and Salamanca (Spain). As well as teaching at the UTDT (1997-2017), where he directed the Master of Public Policy in addition to being on the Board of Directors, he currently gives classes at the University of Belgrano and the School of Government of the Province of Corrientes.

    If you want to be part of a flexible, creative and innovative team, feel free to leave us your CV.

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