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Would you bet against sex robots? AI ‘...

Feb 13, 2016Comentarios cerrados.532 Vistas

February 13, 2016. By Alan Yuhas for The Guardian. Scientist Moshe Vardi tells colleagues that change could come within 30 years, with few professions immune to


El desarrollo más importante de la Cuarta ...

Feb 04, 2016Comentarios cerrados.504 Vistas

15 de enero de 2016. Andrew N. Liveris. World Economic Forum. Hoy, por cuarta vez en la historia humana, el mundo se encuentra al borde de


The digital revolution could destroy the mi...

Feb 01, 2016Comentarios cerrados.403 Vistas

January 21, 2016. World Economic Forum. “When people feel their shot at a decent life is eliminated, the inevitable human reaction is anxiety, frustration and


Digital disruption has only just begun

Ene 29, 2016Comentarios cerrados.1056 Vistas

January 17, 2016. By Pierre Nanterme for World Economic Forum. Digital disruption is at the heart of all the conversations I have with CEOs today.


How Analytics Has Reshaped Political Campai...

Dic 28, 2015Comentarios cerrados.705 Vistas

November 5, 2015. By Sasha Issenberg for Bloomberg. The trickle-down economics of voter data.


Argentina, toda una potencia… ¿en hacker...

Dic 27, 2015Comentarios cerrados.775 Vistas

26 de diciembre de 2015. Argentina se ha convertido en uno de los mejores lugares sobre la Tierra para encontrar hackers.


¿Por qué aumentan los delitos cibernétic...

Nov 30, 2015Comentarios cerrados.576 Vistas

5 de noviembre de 2015. World Economic Forum. Hace tiempo que los ciberdelitos son una amenaza global, pero en América Latina han aumentado a una velocidad


How Twitter is helping the U.S. government ...

Oct 13, 2015Comentarios cerrados.405 Vistas

October 9th, 2015. By Chris Matthews from Fortune. Crowdsourcing can even help the the National Earthquake Information Center.


The Data Revolution for Sustainable Develop...

Sep 29, 2015Comentarios cerrados.843 Vistas

September 18th, 2015. Project Syndicate. There is growing recognition that the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will depend on the ability of governments,


Leveraging the Internet of Things for a Mor...

Sep 23, 2015Comentarios cerrados.442 Vistas

September 17th, 2015. By Denise E. Zheng, William A. Carter for CSIS. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way organizations communicate, collaborate, and