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Ene 26, 2016Comentarios cerrados.577 Vistas

19 de enero de 2016. Por Oscar Calvo Gonzalez para The World Bank. El grupo de latinoamericanos todavía vulnerable a caer en pobreza se ha


Poverty: the past, present and future

Ene 12, 2016Comentarios cerrados.606 Vistas

January 4, 2016. By Martin Ravallion for World Economic Forum. With the new Global Goals agreed this autumn (UN 2015), the issue of poverty is


How much will climate change cost developin...

Dic 08, 2015Comentarios cerrados.498 Vistas

November 26, 2015. By Megan Rowling for World Economic Forum. Developing nations could suffer economic losses of $1.7 trillion per year by 2050 unless a


5 maps on the state of global inequality

Nov 30, 2015Comentarios cerrados.707 Vistas

November 25, 2015. By Joe Myers for World Economic Forum. Half of the world’s wealth is now owned by the top 1%, according to a recent


Luchar contra la corrupción no acabará co...

Nov 09, 2015Comentarios cerrados.970 Vistas

29 de octubre de 2015. Ricardo Hausmann. World Economic Forum. Los países son pobres porque tienen gobiernos corruptos.


Andrés Oppenheimer: La innovación en Lati...

Oct 13, 2015Comentarios cerrados.516 Vistas

23 sepiembre de 2015. Por Andrés Oppenheimer para El Nuevo Herald. Ahora que la economía de América Latina se ha estancado hay crecientes temores de


Countering Climate Extremes Key to Asia’s...

Oct 08, 2015Comentarios cerrados.524 Vistas

The Asian Development Bank is helping the fight against the extremes of climate change and food security for Asia's future.


As the UN turns 70, cooperative rhetoric hi...

Oct 05, 2015Comentarios cerrados.582 Vistas

October 2nd, 2015. By Doug Sanders by The Globe and Mail. From within the confines of the General Assembly, it might have seemed, for much


The Data Revolution for Sustainable Develop...

Sep 29, 2015Comentarios cerrados.800 Vistas

September 18th, 2015. Project Syndicate. There is growing recognition that the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will depend on the ability of governments,


8 cities that show you what the future will...

Sep 25, 2015Comentarios cerrados.559 Vistas

September 25th, 2015. By Emily Gabelludy for Wired. Cities used to grow by accident.